Education makes its contribution in addressing Universal values, viable human development, peace, harmony and quality of life for an individual, family, societal and to the global levels. Education can end insufficiency only if education is approached in a meaningful way. The demand of education is reflected upon its germaneness to the modern world. The former education used to emphasize on intellectual understanding and development, but now it also addresses the social and other proportions of learning. The most powerful gizmo for empowering individuals and communities is quality education.

Here at Zagdu Singh Charitable Trust’s Thakur Institute of Hotel Management under Thakur Shyamnarayan Degree College, we ensure comprehensive and impartial quality education and endorse lifelong learning opportunities for our students. We monitor policies which boost physical health, safety and security. The quality education provided here will play a fundamental role for constructing knowledge and acquiring skills. I ensure to provide an infrastructure, at par with the international standard, which will provide a benchmark for our students to reach international goals.